B283 L02 – First Journal

    Lessons Learned

    We’re just starting class, so there hasn’t been a ton yet, but in regards to “reading blogs,” I can’t “read” so I have to have an e-reader or Audible for everything because my brain just isn’t working right to read the screen or book. I’ve only been able to watch or listen to videos or audios. I absolutely love some of the talks and find myself repeatedly inspired.

    I’m taking 7 courses this semester, 3 are business and 4 are Genealogy, so my brain is frazzled already, especially since I’m disabled and often struggle with schoolwork as it is and then I “doubled up” on classes in order to get the 2 classes I need done in time before they are discontinued. The syllabus is always useful to help me stay on track.  I’ve also built an Excel file with every assignment in every class, so that I know that this Wed I have X number of assignments due, etc.

    I definitely see the value in keeping a journal. I created our Farm journal (www.ladyblackthumb.com) the very day that we started our farm a couple of years ago. Recently, due to having moved to a new webserver, and then being sick for a while, it’s a smidge outdated, but I have all of my notes ready to go to publish the missing posts. It’s surprising how often I reference my Farm blog to remember things.

    I hope to work on my entrepreneurial journal just as often, adding many of the things I’m learning in my business classes. In fact, I have been transcribing the notes I wrote from another book I’m “reading” (Audible again) for another class I took last semester (in another category, of course). This will help me along my entrepreneurial path as well as study for quizzes or exams.

    Hopefully, one day, the docs can fix me and I’ll be able to really implement some of this stuff!